3 End Of The Summer Roadtrips

The endless summer isn't so endless anymore.  Time's running out to hit the road for that one last roadtrip before school's back in so we thought we'd give you some ideas for nearby destinations you might want to squeeze in before it's too late.

Lockhart, Texas

If you look back in the Texas history books, you'll run across the Battle of Plum Creek where Comanches on a war party were defeated by a band of settlers and a few Texas Rangers.  That's just part of what puts modern day Lockhart on the map.

Nowadays, no one's fighting off the Comanches.  But if you're fighting off the urge to eat some of the best barbeque in Texas, you'll more than likely be on the losing end of that battle.  First in the House of Representatives in 1999, then in the Senate in 2003, was passed a resolution proclaiming Lockhart to be The Barbecue Capital of Texas.

Roadtrip Lockhart

Your roadtrip won't be long.  In about 1 1/2 hours you can be on the city square checking out the uniquely flamboyant Caldwell County courthouse, sometimes called "ugly enough to be beautiful".

But should you miss an end-of-the-summer roadtrip there, Christmas is another good time to take a look at Lockhart for their Dickens Christmas on the same square. For more info go to Lockhartchamber.com

Dublin, Texas

If you are a golf fanatic and a Dr. Pepper fiend, the town of Dublin is your nirvana.  For golf great Ben Hogan, life began in the small town of Dublin and his life is chronicled in the Ben Hogan museum on Blackjack St.  It's only open afternoons, but if you call ahead you can make an appointment to take a tour.  That's small town love, I tell ya.

Roadtrip Dublin

Dublin Bottling Works was the first to bottle Dr. Pepper for the masses.  That was in 1891 and still today the Dublin Bottling Works produces soft drinks.  Unfortunately in 2012 they had to stop producing their original cane sugar sweetened "Dublin Dr. Pepper" but the product left its legacy in Dublin in the form of the largest Dr. Pepper memorabilia collections in the world.

Drive time is about 2 hours.  For more info go to Dublintxchamber.com

Bellville, Texas

The county seat of Austin county, Bellville has it's fair share of beautiful turn-of-the-century homes and downtown buildings from the same time period, but there's one building in Bellville that is based on a much older design.

Roadtrip Bellville

One man, Mike Newman, had spent nearly 30 years as a successful businessman in the bakery business.  One day he took the phrase "A man's home is his castle" to heart.  In 1998, he decided to build Newman’s Castle just outside of town.  Complete with a gator filled moat, a 3000 lb. drawbridge, round corner turrets, an outer perimeter wall, a keep inside and more details, you'll think you've stepped back in time.  This isn't some renfest mockup.  You might even experience a "Game of Thrones" moment.

Drive time is about 2 hours.  For more info check out Newmanscastle.com


So hit the road and have fun before summer is gone.  And if these didn't give you any ideas, check out some other CenTexFun road trips we've covered in the past HERE.

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