Bell County Comic Con

It was like Halloween in August for many obsessed adults and a few kids in Bell County on August 5 and 6th.  They all descended on the Bell County Expo Center to see some of their heroes, buy some really cool swag, and meet up with their fellow fans.

From all corners of the comic and sci-fi world, the players all came together in an amazing show of force, proving that Bell County supports the comic and sci-fi industry.  Thousands of people visited over the weekend.  The superstar wrestler Sting made an appearance on Saturday, while Flash Gordon himself, Sam Jones, was on hand both days to greet fans.  The creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mr. Kevin Eastman, was a popular attraction.  He brought along his four shelled friends as well as actors from the live action movies.

Vendors showed off their wares to the willing fans that were eager to buy.  Many fans dressed up in costumes.  No matter your age, there was something for everyone to see and admire.  To say it was a success was an understatement!

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