Billy Joe Shaver Inspires at the CAC

Temple's Cultural Activities Center has had its share of moments over the last few years.  A moving Jack Ingram performance.  Bob Schneider and the Moonlight Orchestra.  Even J.D Souther less than a month ago.

On Saturday night, a visibly tired 78 year old cowboy walked out to the microphone and moved the whole audience by doing what he's done for decades.  

Billy Joe Shaver, who has written hits with (and for) Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash took the stage.  Coming off a recent bout with pneumonia, it was a bit of a battle.  But, battle he did, never complaining.  In the end, every member of the crowd was literally rooting for him and he came through time and time again with humility, humor, wisdom, and compassion. 


It all culminated with his hit, Live Forever.  In the end, he took a knee.  It was out of exhaustion, for prayer, and for thanks.

CenTexFun was there for this and all the great moments that cross the stage at the CAC.


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