How many times have you wondered if there was something different in the nightlife to do around here? Have you reached the end of your rope and thinking the only options there seems to be are honkytonks, sports bars, or loud thumping dance spots? Well, have we got a hidden gem for you in Killeen!

Located in a small strip center on W. Elms Road near its intersection with S. Fort Hood Street, behind darkened glass, lies an oasis of the 1980’s and 90’s. It is aptly named “BitBar”. The moment you enter you’ve stepped back in time. Wall to wall classic video arcade games such as Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Street Fighter, Donkey Kong and others, skeeball, a giant movie screen, and a full-service bar with great nightly specials. There’s even the occasional live entertainment such as comedians, old school album mixers, and more.

Lots of games to choose from at BitBar

For younger patrons, it’s a look back at the roots of the video gaming industry. For the older generation, it’s a flashback to their younger years. Just the iconic sounds alone of Street Fighters verbal challenge to the “Chomp, chomp” of Pac Man filling the air takes you back to that time you had a fistful of coin and an afternoon to kill. And the best part about these games is that you no longer need that roll of quarters! They’re all free to play once you’re inside.

Owner Kenny Maynard explained to CenTexFun’s Peter Christian that this all began as a hobby. “I had always wanted an arcade game and one day I bought my first, a broken down Neo Geo, a popular game in its day. I learned how to fix it myself. Then bought another game, fixed it up. Pretty soon I had a garage full of arcade games.” And seeing what he had, an idea and a vision began to emerge that became BitBar,

One of the first questions we got when we first mentioned BitBar to our readers was “Can kids come in?” The answer is Yes & No. First the “No”…. During normal operating hours you must be 21 or older to enter. There is a $5 cover charge most nights, but remember the games are free

Now the “Yes”…. Bit Bar does allow children in with a parent daily from 4pm to 6pm and they have two scheduled time slots available on Saturdays between 10am - 2pm and 2pm - 4pm that can be utilized for birthday parties, etc.. (Other days are possible if requested)

It’s not hard to find. It’s located at 701 W. Elms Rd about 100 yds from the intersection with S. Fort Hood Street. They open every day at 4pm and open until 2am (but if it’s a slow weeknight they may close a little early).  Happy Hour daily from 4p-6p.  Cover charges start at 6pm.

Right about now you might be thinking to yourself “Cool! New bar! Let’s go!” Only, it’s not a new bar. Remember, I called this “a hidden gem”. July 25th BitBar celebrated two years that their doors have been open. So now it’s time to check out the bar where everything old is new again.

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