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Michael Carubelli Band – Funday Everyday

  It seems that everybody that knows Michael Carubelli has a great story to tell.  It's just kind of the way he and his boys roll.  Or as he says, "We'll work on the details later."  Every invitation from a fan is a possible party that cannot be passed up.   And these days, the…
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Matt Siegel – Guitar Road Warrior

Matt Siegel - Lead Guitarist for 7 Years Today  On a cool Monday outside of a Harker Heights Burger joint called Galaxy Breakfast and Burgers, Texas Local Scene sat down with local Killeen musician Matt Siegel, lead guitarist for the rock band 7 Years Today, for lunch and a few questions. TLS:  How did you…
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Grooving with Hedley Grange

Hedley Grange Local cousins in the groove. Family sticks together.  And for the local Temple and Belton, Texas, Country/Rock band Hedley Grange, they take that to heart more than most.  Band founder and lead guitar player, Tyler Ralston started the band with a few friends about eight years ago.  As the friends started finding other…
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