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Rhett Miller – Alternative Country’s Shining Star

You should know who Rhett Miller is by now.  However, don't feel bad if you don't.  There is still time.  If fame were automatically given to those with songwriting talent, paying your dues, and entertaining crowds for years, Rhett would be at the top of the heap.  There is no question Rhett Miller possesses all…
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Clyde Abides

  These days, it's hard to define what "Texas Country Music" really is.  It really began as a few singer/songwriters who shunned the trend of Nashville based record companies that were recording music for the masses.   As the revolution grew, it took in more artist and became "Red Dirt".  Today, while it's still easy…
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Kyle Park Proving What Goes Around Comes Around

Kyle Park could be the busiest man on the Texas Country circuit.  He tours like a mad-man, about 175 to 200 shows a year, winning over fans one concert at a time.  Still a young man at 29 years old, Kyle has been polishing his sound for over fifteen years now.  Now, with a new…
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