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SophistiKatz Bead Emporium – Salado

From the watercolor paintings Texas artists hang on the walls of Salado shops to the blown glass creations born in hot workshops just off the main drag to the culinary offerings of the area chefs, creativity flows through the town like Salado Creek on a spring day. Part of that creative community can be found at SophistiKatz Bead Emporium. …
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Delivery apps making Central Texans “app-y”!

Construction of the first electronic computer, the ENIAC ( short for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator), took place from 1943-1946 and cost about $487,000. The computer weighed over 30 tons and took up 1800 square feet of space. Fast forward 72 years to 2018 - now we have powerful computing devices that are less expensive,…
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