Get CenTexFun’s “hAppy App”

If you've got a smartphone get CenTexFun directly on it with our "hAppyApp".    We built the CTF site with the mobile population in mind.  If you're out and about, you want your entertainment info quickly at your finger tips, so why not fully utilize that device in your hand to its fullest potential and make a CenTexFun "hAppyApp".  Technically, it's a smartphone shortcut, but works the same because our website is extremely smartphone friendly.   By following these simple instructions, you can create your own "hAppyApp". (The following instructions are for iPhones & iPads.  Android is further down page) 1)  Open the "Safari" web browser on your iPhone or iPad  (iPhone shown here) app1 2)     Go to our website and find the button in the bottom center (circled below) .  Press the bottom... app2 3)     Choose the "Add To Home Screen" option app3 4)  For iPad users, your screen looks like this.. app6   For Android users, click the menu button on the bottom left of your home screen, this menu will appear.  Click "add Shortcut To Home"...... appdroid1     5) iPhone user screen .  Click "Add" app4 6)  Final iPhone product.  Works like an app now.. app5   Final Android product.  Works like an app! appdroid2   Now you've made a CenTexFun "hAppyApp".  And it didn't cost a dime! Take CenTexFun everywhere and get ready to... "Eat Like A Local!  Party Like A Local!  Shop Like A Local!" (Thanks to Brad Seawright for the Android tips because none of the staff has one.  We're all iPhoners.  Go buy some Mission tortillas so this guy can keep a job!)

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