Great Pizza? Fa’Get About It!

When a place claims to have the "NY Style" pizza, I'm up for the challenge.

To me pizza is a perfect meal.  Meat, veggies, dairy, and grain all in one.  Bobby Lupo's in Harker Heights claimed to be the standard and I wanted to put them to the test.  In NYC, having a "slice" for lunch is common place, so I decided to do the same here, stopping in about 12:30 on a Tuesday. lupos front Located in a strip center on Knight's Way, the moment you walk in the door you get a sense of how serious they are about their "pie".  Decorated in classic Big Apple swag and memorabilia, it's like they visually make the statement "We ain't Pizza Hut". I decided to follow the clerk suggestion of their lunch special of 2 slices and a drink.  There were several displayed to choose from so I asked for a suggestion.  A staff member let me know the grilled chicken ranch pizza was a big seller so I went with one of those and an all meat slice.  Into the oven they went. lupos slices Service was quick and the slices were on my table by the time I got there with my drink.  And from the first bite I was sold!  It was like I was in Chelsea Market or on Times Square eating local.  And yes, I can see why the Grilled Chicken Ranch slice is a top seller.  Delicious!  The all meat slice was full of flavor, not greasy, and had pepperoni and sausage that actually had real flavor (unlike certain pizza chains that will remain nameless.)  Add in the thin crust baked perfect and a sauce that didn't overwhelm the rest of the ingredients made for a great dining experience.

Epicurious Spoon Scale: 8 out of 10 spoons  Oh yes, I'll be back for this New York state of mind. *NOTE:  I overheard a gentleman at the next table raving about Bobby Lupo's wings.  Didn't have a chance to try them but now have another reason to return


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