Hawkeye Shooting Academy

From historic weaponry you can fire to service & sales, Hawkeye Shooting Academy in Temple, Tx, is a family owned and family friendly indoor shooting range.  They offer a variety of classes with a variety of skill levels.  Hawkeye Shooting Academy offers License To Carry (formerly Concealed Handgun License) classes, Learn To Shoot beginners classes, Advanced Pistol classes, and features.

The air conditioned firing range is available for individual or group use.  Annual memberships are available for the hobbyist or you can hit the range for a single day. 

But one of the most popular uses is for firing Hawkeye Shooting Academy's collection of historic firearms you can rent and throw lead downrange to your heart's desire in a safe environment.


MP5, AK-74U, PPSH-41, MP40, MG42, PM-63, RPD, UZI, THOMPSON M1928, AUG, M16A1, ​UMP45, G36, RPK, Galil, MP41r, Sten, KP/31, MG34, MG15, VZ37, MP3008, VZ58, MP28, Madsen LMG, M2 Carbine



Check out our new feature, "A Shot At History" with Brent Martin, owner of Hawkeye Shooting Academy. Here's Episode 1- "The Russian Connection"

 New Weekly Specials: Begining November 1st  

  • Tuesday: 11am-7pm --- ½ off Reg price for initial lane fee  
  • Wednesday: 11am to 7 pm --- One free Handgun rental with lane fee, plus an additional shooter (ammo purchased separately)
  • Thursday:11 am to 7 pm --- 5 free range targets with lane fee
  • Friday:10 am to 8 pm --- Date Night Special from 4 pm to 8 pm bring a date for only $5.00! Plus one free target.   

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