Everything Old Is New Again At LoneStar Ebikes


Want a fun way to spend the day with your family & friends?  Give Lonestar Ebikes a spin.

In 1897, when Hosea W. Libbey of Boston invented an electric bicycle that was propelled by a “double electric motor”, we're pretty sure he never imagined what a revolutionary idea it would be for tourism and fitness 120 years later in the village of Salado.

Lonestar Ebikes owners Mary and Jay Ford admit it was a long road to get where they are today.  Mary, a Temple native, and Jay, hailing from Washington State, opened their business in June of this year because they saw a natural fit between what they and Salado had to offer one another.

What started as a venture fixing up electric bikes for people with disabilities years ago morphed into a business that offers sales, rentals, & repairs of hugely popular & state-of-the-art nationally known brands of electric bikes.

Lonestar Ebikes rents a variety of ebikes daily, including the fold-up Magnum, pictured here (front) with other ebikes you can rent or buy.

Electric bikes today come in all shapes and sizes. There's the Magnum brand (pictured above), an ebike that folds up for easy storage and is perfect for vacationers, RVers, and those living somewhere with limited space.

You might be thinking to yourself at this point that these bikes couldn't have much power or can only be ridden on smooth roads with no hills.  Well, electric bikes have come a long way since the 1800's.

Makers like Haibike offer models you can take deep into the woods.  Some ebike models these days even come with All Wheel Drive for when you get tired of pedaling but still want to go off the beaten path.  Just let the high powered battery & the drives on both front and rear wheels do all the work.

Note the battery packs of this model are placed in a convenient position behind the rider

No matter your skill level or needs, Lonestar Ebikes has a model perfect for you

CenTexFun.com encourages everyone, young and old alike, to take a spin on a Lonestar Ebike today.  They offer very popular daily guided tours of historic Salado or you can rent one for the day and go wherever your heart desires and the ebike takes you.

Lonestar Ebikes is located at 560 N. Main St., in Salado, just across from the Salado Civic Center.  To get information on upcoming tours & times, rental rates, sales, repairs, or just to satisfy your curiosity go to their website www.lonestarebikes.com

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