Monster Trucks Invade Belton

Saturday night, the crowd turned out for the No Limits Monster Truck show at the Bell County Expo Center.

CenTexFun was on hand to welcome the winner of the Feast With The Beast contest, Katalina Pound and her family.  They arrived via Estacia's Limo Service.  The family got to hang out on the floor of the expo center and eat dinner with the driver of Bigfoot, Rodney Tweedy.   Schoepfs catered the event and the Pound family was treated to VIP access.

Before the show, the crowd gathered in the pit to meet the drivers.  The Mighty Monster circled the arena, full of giddy kids.


And then, the arena exploded into monster truck mayhem as Bigfoot, The Outlaw, The Bucking Bronco, and others crushed cars and jumped hills to the delight of the crowd.

There were mud-bog racers, and wrecked out races.  One of the highlights was the Tiny-Tikes race.  Several kids brought their mini-toy racers for a spin around the arena.

In the final act, the monster trucks took center stage again.  The Outlaw, who broke an axle earlier in the evening, scrambled to get it fixed and participate in the freestyle event to close the show.  While Bigfoot did all he could by flying off the seventeen foot mountain in the middle of the arena, the Outlaw pulled out the victory with some mega jumps over crushed cars.

The crowd walked away with autographs, checkered flags, and a bunch of great memories of a fuel filled evening under the dome of the Expo.

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