Rockin’ Belton

Who knew the common rock could be so much fun?  For a millennia they've provided mild entertainment to old and young alike.  Sure, you can throw them.  You can kick them.  You can even skip some across the water.  But something new is happening with the old rock in central Texas.  People are looking for them.

Now, these aren't your run-of-the-mill dirt road rocks.  No no.  These are special ones.  Some are bright pink.  Some are multicolored.  Some even look like a one eyed cartoon character.  No, these rocks are not some weird geological freak of nature event.  They are what's becoming known as "Belton Rocks".  And it all began with finding a rock in Washington State.

The Beginning 

Belton resident and college student Kayla Bostick was on a family vacation in the summer of 2016, hiking a trail in Washington, when she came across her first painted rock with instructions to enjoy and rehide it for others to find.   After hiding it again, this idea stuck with her and she decided to bring a little of this fun home.

This is the original rock found by Kayla Bostick in Washington state

Upon her return, she and a few friends & family members painted some rocks and placed them around Belton.  A Facebook page was created where once a rock was found, the finder could post a picture and rehide the painted stone.  

The summer passed and Kayla returned to college to continue work on her degree so she could one day work in special education.  The Facebook page had 12 initial members when she left and maintained this status until her return to Belton in May of this year.  Then something magical happened.  The site began to grow with new local people adding themselves to the group, had begun painting rocks, hiding them, and posting pictures of these creatively painted rocks.  The Facebook page exploded and in just a few short months grew from a dozen members to now over 5000.

July 3rd, That Art Place in Belton held a free public event inviting people to bring a rock to paint for Belton Rocks.  Well, to say the event was a success is an understatement.  Over 500 people of all ages, children to senior citizens, showed up and painted over 1,000 rocks to put in play.  

What is a Belton Rock & what to do with them

Each rock is an individual work of art.  Handpainted with a variety of a figures, messages, or a bright color, and each is unique to the artist who made them.   Once completed, that is where the fun begins.

The goal is to hide them in places where people will find them and, at the same time, find a little joy.  A doorway to a business, on a park bench, or maybe next to a street sign.

 The happy squeal of a young child finding one on the Belton courthouse square or the smile on the face of a busy mom when she spots one in the freezer case at the grocery store are the only payoff one receives from finding one of these weighty little wonders.

Soon will be giving you a chance to win a special prize when you find the soon-to-come CenTexFun Rock.  Stay Tuned!

Now Go Play With Rocks!

Here's a few rocks that have been found and rehidden around Belton

Photos courtesy of Belton Rocks Facebook page

Even our Sales Manager's son has gotten into the game

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  1.' Karen Wright
    Great story!!! Thanks for writing it. I just joined Belton Rocks after Judge Burrows Secretary Gloria Ramos gave me one they found and shared the story about Belton Rocks. I am now painting rocks and will paint more with my Grandson Landyn to hide in Belton. I work In Belton for Bell County but live in Harker Heights who also have a FB page for rocks. Will have to divide rocks between the cities. Thanks for a great story !! Karen Wright

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