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The CAC celebrates the Big 6-0

In the summer of 1958, a group of Temple citizens know as the City Women's Federation began what would become a moving force in the local arts and entertainment community for central Texas.  A three day festival celebrating the arts became what is known today as the Cultural Activities Center. Nora Lee Mayhew (Mrs. R.E.)…
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A2A – Artist To Artist Showcase

  Artist 2 Artist Showcase is an Art Show Production that is geared to bring all areas and aspects of Art together in one night. This is also a way to bring new artists out of hiding showcasing the work that they have been perfecting and ready to show the world.  There is interactive shows…
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Pottery On The Patio

This event features dinner, live music and art in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for an evening with friends! Attendees are welcome to bring their own beverages. We have wine glasses available for you to use (and paint!) 6-9pm $18 Event Fee Includes: seat on our patio, dinner and live music. Pottery purchased separately.  
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