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Texas Music Series- Clyde

  CLYDE is coming to the CAC "Texas Music Series" this July. CLYDE is all about the music that makes you want to tap your foot, bob your head. Add lyrics that you can relate to and you've got "Texas Swamp Funk" music. It's all original music written by Douglas Clyde Martin. The band includes…
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Clyde Abides

  These days, it's hard to define what "Texas Country Music" really is.  It really began as a few singer/songwriters who shunned the trend of Nashville based record companies that were recording music for the masses.   As the revolution grew, it took in more artist and became "Red Dirt".  Today, while it's still easy…
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Video – CLYDE – I Saw Jesus on My Tortilla

    Recently, a group by the name of "Clyde" made their way to O'Brien's Irish Pub in Temple, Texas, to show off their brand of "porch-stomp" music.   They've made a few trips up from Austin this year and and are building a loyal following.  Keep an eye out on these folks from Austin…
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