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Dale Watson In Concert At The CAC

Dale Watson brings his "Ameripolitan" style of music back to central Texas November 11th as a part of the continuing Texas Music Series at the Cultural Activities Center in Temple. If you've never seen Dale Watson live, CenTexFun.com's Steve Peters once sat down with Dale and walked away with this description: "Dale Watson founded the 'Ameripolitan' genre of music.…
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Dale Watson – Call Him Insane

Authentic.  Original.  Timeless.  Searching for the one correct adjective to describe Dale Watson and his music is impossible.  It's all of the above and a lot of stuff that you know it's not.  It's everything you remember that it was once and he reminds you that it still is today (if you are looking hard…
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Dale Watson at the CAC

The Texas Music Series continues Saturday, August 23, at the Cultural Activities Center in Temple with Dale Watson.  With a recording career spanning two decades, if you like traditional honky-tonk country like you heard growing up, you're going to love Dale Watson. Pre-show meal available from 6 pm to 7 pm for $17 provided by Schoepf's…
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