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Everything Old Is New Again At LoneStar Ebikes

  Want a fun way to spend the day with your family & friends?  Give Lonestar Ebikes a spin. In 1897, when Hosea W. Libbey of Boston invented an electric bicycle that was propelled by a “double electric motor”, we're pretty sure he never imagined what a revolutionary idea it would be for tourism and…
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2017 Texas Wine & Rogue Fest

It's a wonderful afternoon of wine tasting and art! Featuring 20 wineries, a tremendous amount of artists and their works from around Texas, and, of course, delectable foods. Wine tasting is from 12-5 on Saturday, March 25, 2017 and 12-4 on Sunday, March 26. Free admission! $10 at the door buys six tasting tickets & a souvenir…
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