The Grove – A Ghost Town Next Door



Ready to check out a real ghost town? Then head up Highway 36 towards Gatesville, turn at the sign marked "The Grove" and you might think you've driven up on an Old West movie set.  Nope, it's an official Ghost Town!  Welcome to The Grove, Texas.

Founded in the late 1850's, The Grove was named, simply enough, after the grove of oak trees that grew in the area.  By the 1860's it had a cotton gin and two general stores.  The 1870's brought many German settlers looking for a new life and helped in establishing St. Paul's Lutheran Church, which still exists today.

At it's height, the population topped 400 people around 1900 when cotton was king, but in 2000 there were less than 70 residents in the area.

The Grove is listed by The Smithsonian Institute as a historic Texas town and though The Grove museum is closed these days, there are a lot of photo opportunities for you shutterbugs, especially in the spring when the bluebonnets are in bloom.  Well worth the trip to walk through the little piece of Texas history.

For more photos from the ghosttown, check out

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