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We've shown you how to #PartyLikeALocal & #EatLikeALocal.  Time to #ShopLikeALocal & #SaveLikeALocal

As we began our third year at CenTexFun.com we reflected on what CenTexFun.com offers central Texans and what more could we do?  We show you where concerts and local events are happening.  We do interviews with some of the big artists, as well as the up and coming, who tour through the area.  We offer exclusive area performance videos for free. We give you a head's up on great local places to eat.  We help you map out fun day trips with the family.   What more now for 2017?

How about shopping and savings like a local?  Introducing CenTexPerks.com.  Whether you're on the go, sitting at the home, or working in the office, you can score great savings from local small businesses.

On your first visit you can subscribe for free to receive all our money saving perks and new ones when they are posted.  Or you can opt to subscribe just to the perks from one particular business.

Local Savings From Local Businesses!

Local Savings From Local Businesses!

For example, you can subscribe for free to just GoGo's Frozen Yogurts specials and every time they put up a new special, it's instantly emailed to you.  But, if you're really on the move, CenTexPerks.com can send specials directly to you while you stand at the check out counter.  Another example is, say you're at GoGo's and want to use a discount. Simply tap a GoGo's coupon on CenTexPerks.com and have it texted to you directly where you'll have a 5 minutes to use it before your yogurt melts.

Try it today!  "Like" us on Facebook.com/centexperks and subscribe today at CenTexPerks.com


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