Heather Regula
Heather Regula
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Heather, an Army veteran, and a fifth-grade teacher is a single mom and outdoor enthusiast. She finds adventure everywhere and is excited to be part of the CentexFun family. Her writings have been published in The Belton Journal, GI Jobs, and The Manifest-Station.

Delivery apps making Central Texans “app-y”!

Construction of the first electronic computer, the ENIAC ( short for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator), took place from 1943-1946 and cost about $487,000. The computer weighed over 30 tons and took up 1800 square feet of space. Fast forward…

A Day In The Life: Alpacas & Dana Peak

My daughters share my adventuring spirit.  Haley (15) and Taylor (10) have grown up exploring Central Texas and learned to walk, and eventually run, on the trails of Miller Springs. Taylor always reminds me that “adventure begins when the paved…