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See Who Won’s 3rd Annual Christmas Giveaway

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  1. Avatar Brenda McDonald says:

    I would love too win

  2. Avatar Shanna Goeke says:

    She Shed what an awesome Christmas 🎁

  3. Avatar Patty Drake says:

    Always wanted a she shed!

  4. This would be such a blessing for me.

  5. Avatar Terry Cover says:

    Winning this for the wife would be a great place to lock her up.

  6. Avatar Kathy Harrison says:

    Much needed…. would be so wonderful to win ! 🌟

  7. Avatar Jennifer Pannell says:

    Gah!!! This would be a super fun place for me and my new granddaughter to play and have fun in!! 💕

  8. Avatar Glenda Presley says:

    Need a “me” space that I don’t have to hang deer heads in!

  9. Avatar Rose Smith says:


  10. Avatar Teresa Parris says:

    Oh yes!! I can finally have my own space with my granddaughters!!

  11. Avatar Shelby says:

    Good luck to everyone, especially me !

  12. Avatar Denis Justman says:

    this is nice

  13. Avatar Joan Justman says:


  14. Avatar Theda Myers says:

    Yay I hope I win

  15. Avatar Linda Lee says:

    I really need a She Shed for my crafting!! I’d really like to win!!!

  16. Avatar Cynthia M. Dark says:

    So awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Avatar Susan Starnes says:

    I need this She Shed! My husband hogs the office and gives me only drawer in the desk!!

  18. Avatar Liz Davis says:

    My names not Cheryl, but I’ll gladly take her she shed 😁

  19. Avatar Lela says:

    I would love to win, I live in the house with my daughter and her family of 5 and sometimes I just need a break lol love them though very much

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:

      Good luck. Make sure you enter online and increase your chances of being drawn a winner by visiting all of the Second Chance locations and registering

  20. Avatar Elisa says:

    I can here him now asking me for the key to MY Shed….. makes my heart smile…

  21. Avatar Linda knox says:

    My little getaway for watching football/baseball and doing my nails. Cant wait to do my thing. 😀

  22. Avatar Rose Smith says:

    Please be kind i need a win.

  23. Avatar Rose Smith says:

    Love cen tex.

  24. Avatar Rose Smith says:

    My cen tex. Love ya

  25. Avatar Jerri Lamb says:

    Thank you Centexfun!

  26. Avatar Angel says:

    Love this thank you

  27. Avatar Daisy zamora says:

    I would love to win..good luck everybody ..thank you centexfun

  28. Avatar Delecia says:

    Good luck everyone! Thank you CenTex for a chance to win a wonderful gift.

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:

      We at appreciate our readers.

  29. Avatar Nance Glenn says:

    Since my mom recently passed away winning this would be amazing. I would put it in my dads backyard and sleep in it when I am visiting and helping him with the house.

  30. I would love to win thank you Cen Text for this opportunity

  31. Avatar Janie says:

    Thank you so much for this chance to win!

  32. Avatar Jeannie Spoonts says:

    Oh, what I could do with this! Learning to make quilts for the first time at 69 years old and loving it. Finished my first quilt top. This would be the place I would spend most, if not all, of my spare time.

  33. Avatar Cindy Bowman says:

    Is this my registration ??

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:


  34. Avatar Jane Alvarado says:

    My space

  35. Avatar Becky Stinehour says:

    Would love this

  36. Avatar Stephanie says:

    I live in a “blended” house! I’m not sure if I have the words to describe how much this would HELP my family!

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:

      Make sure you enter online and then register at the Second Chance locations through this Friday at 5pm to increase your chances of being a winner

  37. Avatar Cindy Southern says:

    I’m praying 🙏 me and my daughter win this it would be so awesome and needed and appreciated I’m so excited to see who wins ❤️🙏❤️

  38. Avatar Dexter L. Blevins says:

    Or a dog house for me.

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