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Here’s our July 4th VIP Winners!

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  1. Avatar Sally Folz says:

    Would love to win any packages

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:

      Keep your fingers crossed and make sure you register. We currently have VIP experiences to Nick Dipaolo Friday, Holly Tucker M&G Saturday, VIP tix to 7/4th-5th-6th rodeo, and CenTexFun VIP table at 7/4 fireworks & concert at Schoepfs. So plenty of chances to register to be a VIP on

      1. Avatar Guadalupe Cerecerez says:

        Ready for our 4th of July celebration. Happy birthday America.

  2. Avatar Gina says:

    Been trying to sign up for your 4rth of July contests wont take my email can you help

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:

      We find no issues on our end with the registration modules so we can only guess you had already entered using whatever email address you are using. Only allows one email registration per module. If not that then we suggest using a computer, especially if you’re attempting to register using a smart phone.

  3. Avatar Amellia Crawford says:

    Would love to win any of these,could use some relaxing time.

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