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Winner of “Tacos with Trejo” CenTexFun VIP Experience Announced

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  1. Avatar Ingrid Hubert says:

    This will Be 1 Of My Biggest Wishes 2Meet w/The BADDEST BADASS EVER!!!💯💪💖😍😘😎🙏

    1. Peter Christian Peter Christian says:

      Well, make sure you enter the contest and it might be your name we announce August 1s!

  2. Avatar YVETTE FLORES says:

    We are privileged to have him come join us here in Central Texas! Super excited!

  3. Avatar Herby Veness says:

    My birthday is that day and my son loves him in Spy Kids. Im more of a Machetè fan.

  4. Avatar Maria Petty says:

    Comic Con is going to be great…Tacos with Trejo would be the icing on the cake!

  5. Avatar JoAnn Vaca says:

    Would love to meet him. One of my favorite actors!! I’m entered!!

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